Q&A with a bodybuilder

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Meet Ken!

Kenyatta Wilson, bodybuilder

I got a chance to connect with my cousin, Kenyatta Wilson, recently. I admire Ken for many reasons. He’s always been an extremely steady and selfless person who is wholly dedicated to his beliefs and pursuits. Besides that, he has an electric smile and a magnetic personality.

He’s a veteran and a man of God. He’s a learner and a teacher. He remains humble even in the midst of great accomplishments.

I truly respect his approach to fitness, so I asked him to share some tidbits with us as we continue on this health journey together. I hope you enjoy spending a little time with Ken!

Q&A Time! 

Robyn: How long have you been bodybuilding?

Ken: I’ve been lifting weights since Jan 2000.  I started bodybuilding & power lifting in 2005. Currently, I’m more focused on power lifting.

Robyn: I hear so many terms: strength training, weight training, resistance training… can you help me to understand what each is for?

Ken: For me, strength and weight training are the same. You can categorize resistance training as the same unless you’re using bands or your own body as resistance as opposed to weights.

Robyn: Can you provide tips on toning?

Ken: Personally, I think the best method for toning is a combination of weight training with cardio. This combination will burn the most calories and give you that toned look as opposed to the skinny fat girl or guy look with just cardio alone.

Robyn: What do you think keeps people from reaching health goals?

Ken: From my experience, if people don’t obtain results fast enough they’ll get discouraged and give up. Results can be slow at times, but you have to be patient.

Robyn: How do you stay focused?

Ken: I continue to set new goals in order to maintain my focus.  However, wanting to be in great health after retirement keeps me focused. I’ve always said I want to be in great health when I’m older so I can still enjoy life, travel the world and play with my future grandchildren.

Robyn: I’ve often heard that abs are made in the kitchen. Is there any truth to that? 

Ken: Dieting is key to abs. If you have a layer of fat around your waist the number of crunches you do won’t matter until you lower your body fat. Cardio and a healthy diet are the key to abs.  Once you lower your body fat percentage, the abs will begin to show.

Robyn: Offer a word of encouragement for those who are trying to just get started.

Ken: Don’t be discouraged because you can’t lift as much or others are you feel like everyone is looking at you. Just put all that to the side and focus on your goals. I can’t think of anything more important than your health.  When I say health, that includes all 3 pillars your spiritual, mental, and physical health. Think about how great it feels to have all three!

Have you started a weight training program? Please share what is working for you!

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